Never forget
the date

Proxii keeps track of all your important dates and provides effortless, automated gift-giving for the ones you love. Think of us as your personal thoughtfulness concierge.

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Mark the dates

Mark the dates

Start by telling us a little bit about the special people in your life – and most importantly, the special dates that you just can't afford to forget.


Relax, we'll remind you

We'll send you a text or email reminder 10 days prior to every important date. Ditch the calendars - Proxii has your back.

We've got the goods

We've got the goods

Here's the best bit. Every reminder gives you the option to automatically send a gift to your special someone, hand-picked by Proxii, according to the info you've given us. Only pay when you choose to send a gift - our reminder service is totally free.

Gifts they'll love

Never buy another bunch of last-minute flowers from the service station again. We've partnered up with a select group of gift suppliers to suit all ages and tastes, with prices ranging from $69 to $599 including delivery. Join now to see our full range.

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No markups

We don’t add hefty markups to our gifts – you pay the normal retail price charged by our suppliers, plus our Proxii concierge flat fee of only $9.95.

On time, every time

Our mission is to keep you in the good books, so we guarantee to deliver your gifts on or before the special date, or we’ll offer you a full refund.

Let's do this!

Get Proxii and become the amazing date-remembering, gift-giving hero that you were born to be!

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